Thursday, January 08, 2004

Wednesday. Arms still aching after Tuesday evening visit to the gym. Oh boy it was hard ! Did low reps but with heavy weights. Yesterday I went to Minworth to work in an office on top of a great big warehouse. Travelled there through the city, took about 1 hour, then home along the M42, even though 10 mile sfurther it took 40 minutes. Then did a horrible turbo session. 30 secs @ 120+rpm, 45 secs, 60 secs, then 2 minutes in top gear giving it all. That was hard.
And thats that. Back in the office today.
Pissed off with job, home, etc. etc.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Back in the office. Oh shit shit shit shit ...... and so on.
No, really shit. I don't like this place. Feel trapped though.
Lots of problems seem to be about to fall on my head...
Christmas, after Boxing Day and Saturday I continued to do nothing on Sunday.
Monday did a steady 30 miles around Bromsgrove, past Jinney Ring, onto that little village,
Lower & Upper Bentley, Tardebigge etc. Drank in the evening.
Tuesday nothing. Can't remember what I did. Probably nothing, another wasted day.
Wednesday 2 steady hours, it was cold though, where did I go ? Oh yes, out to Redditch,
up Old Gorcott and Earlswood, Primrose Hill home. Gave Joanne a lift home from work.
This was New Years eve, so drank a fair amount, finishing off with some
Drambuie at 0330 on Thursday morning.
Thursday, hung-over, nothing, went out in the evening to buy some soda-water
but seeing the cost of a farty bottle in the outdoor I bought Coke instead.
Friday. urgh, off to Gorcott for some hill sprints. The main road was too
busy so did 4 more up Old Gorcott. In the evening went to look at the street
in Stourbridge where most houses are lit up with Christmas lights.
Saturday it was blimming cold and damp. Snow first thing, then freezing rain
then cold drizzle. Eventually pulled myself out and did 2 hours hard, to Rednal,
Moons Moat, Gorcott, Knowle, Packwood, Earlswood, Weatheroak, main road. Hard.
Then we (all of us including Joanne ) sat & played agreat board game ! Nice.
Another bottle of wine.
Sunday just couldn't be bothered going out, but did a steady ride around Finstall,
Gambolds, Tardebigge etc. Then collect Dad for dinner. Then just moped around
depressed at having to be back in the office.