Friday, April 05, 2002

Eek, Friday again. Only TWO days working this week, and 3 days of holiday. Welcome to the world of the wage-slave.
So in a little while I will be wending my weary way home along the M6 motorway. Fuck.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

The big news of the day, or rather the only news of the day here in this sceptered isle is the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Who ? I hear you asking ? If the Queen is Elizabeth, who the fuck is Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother ? Don't ask, just another drain on the public purse with hundreds of equerries, ladies of the bedchamber and other hangers-on too numerous to mention. I have no problem with rich folks looking down on us poor people, but when they are financed from tax money stolen from us, well, bring on Madame Guillotine.

Monday, April 01, 2002

Aughoougha. Its MONDAY. But no work, because it is a bank holiday, which is what we call a public holiday in little old England. So, I've had such a long break from my daily labours that I've almost forgotton what to do ! So maybe I won't bother going back. In my dreams. I've go a mortgage, wife, family and mistress to support. Not easy. Oh the hoops I've had to jump through to pull in a few more quid. Well, whatever, last Friday I rode the dreaded Wyre Forest Hilly Time Trial, which meant starting up a steep hill in sub zero temperatures early in the morning. Followed by a brief steep downhill, a steady uphill, then a rolling 8 miles with the wind on my back, then a long swoop down, all the time I could see more and more of the nemisis appearing through the clearing mists; Clee Hill, rising to 1700 feet, so a solid 1000 feet of uphill, it hurt more and more, as the slope eased off, I tried to push harder in a bigger gear which was a mistake, I had to drop down a gear to ease the pain. Got to the top, which was half way through the 27 miles, started down to the valley, 4 miles downhill or so I hoped ! Some steep bits down, flat and little bits uphill and all the time trying tokeep the pressure on. Down into the valley, 4 flat miles, but into the wind, so I got down into the aero tuck and gave it big licks, another mistake. After the vally, there was 4 miles to the finish, mostly uphill. Turned off the valley road into a hill and oh lordy, my legs were shot after pushing hard along the valley into a headwind. So I was watching the miles slowly tick down, very slowly as my legs felt more they belonged to someone else, a very unfit someone. Even the downhill bits hurt, I think I lost about 4 or 5 minutes here, over a minute a mile. I was so glad just to stop racing. Next weekend its a team time trial, 50 kilometers with 3 others out the club, I've no idea who I'm riding with, I just hope they are the same level a me, not so strong and I'll end up doing all the work, stronger and they'll roast me, but I feel good enough to ride with anyone, so COME ON, BRING 'EM ON!!
Aughoougha. Its TUESDAY. 1 O'clock in the morning to be precise. Arsehole.
Aughoougha. Its MONDAY. again.