Thursday, February 28, 2002

I must get the simpletons guide to HTML and make this look better, nice colours, links and such like.
If I was'nt so lazy I would have done it already.
Thursday. Last day of shitty February, dark wet and cold. spring is near.
Spike Milligan died yesterday, that makes me feel really sad, he was one of the few people I would have liked to meet.
I met John Lydon once (nee Rotten) who told me to fuck off.
Righ, I'm off for a wank.
Ode to my love;
Oh shit, I've just forgotten everthything I ever knew, especially in the poetry region.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Hum ho, fucked up post.
Took the fruit of my loins to see 'Lord of the Rings' recently. Well, what an eye-opener ! The hobbits live in Telly-tubby land !
Gandalfs hat ! Ha ha ha ha, I spent the whole film hoping some monster would cut the stupid top of it.
So the film finished with Gandalf and his stupiud hat consigned to the abyss, and the brave Mondeo the hobbit off to Mordor.
Or Morrrrrdorrrr as the mighty Gandalf says it.

How to destroy really bad monsters that are made of fire;
1. Lure them onto a narrow bridge.
2. Make them overbalance,
and hey presto ! They fall into the abyss (which it originally came out of when the stupid hobbit threw a stone into the well ?)
Snide remarks aside, it was a good film, a rip-roaring tide of special effects and a roller-coaster of emotion, with little
hobbits and hairy feet a go-go.

Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray,
I'm waiting for that final moment you see the words that I can say.
Oh I've never met anyone quite like you before!

Thought for the day;

I'm fucked, I got up early, filled up with petrol and went to the bike shop, spent too much money on nice new and shiny bike bits then drove up here to Horwich,
and started work. Now I feel fucked, my head hurts and I am having problems concentrating and I have to fix a problem before I go. Oh shit.
Anyway, later I will have fun at the hotel, beer, wine ! hooray. I could use some white powder stuff as well, but I am short on funds, so better not.

Better not as I'm supposed to be a clean living athlete. He he he.
Trained on the turbo Mon eve, oh boy I felt bad at first, the weekends training in cold and wet must have taken more out of me than I realised.

The session loosened up my leg muscles though.
Squeezed in 1 1/2 hours on Tuesday, hard but punctured and got chilled mending it and did'nt feel right after that, but is was a good session whatever.

Monday, February 25, 2002

Favourite things this fine Monday morning;
Chocolate biscuits,
Dry roads,
Chicken jalfreize,
Boxer shorts.
Least favourite;
Wet roads,
Monday morning !!! Life is err, alright. But, today I'm working at home, so will be able to fit in a 1 1/2 hour training ride, as well as eating chocolate digestives washed down with coffee all day long.
Saturday was 2 1/2 hours in strong wind, snow, sleet and cold. Sunday was 3 1/2 hours in mostly constant very cold rain, just a couple of degrees above freezing. I spent almost 30 minutes in the shower warming up.
Oh shit, the chocolate biscuits have all gone !
And this cable internet connection sucks, it keeps dropping the line.