Friday, May 30, 2003

Oh yes, Yesterday I took the chain off shiny best bike, cleaned old Tifosi & put chain on that. I'm going to race on it from now on. I don't know what to do about the Look frame, its probably out of true, probably was when I bought it, unless the STI levers are knackered, which I hope not at �150 or so for a new pair. Fuck it.
Friday, in the office. Should be riding the track tonight. hmmm, fun a plenty.
Tuesday evening I did the 20@L2, 15@L3, 10@L4, 5@L5(hard as hell) and back up. Chain jumped a bit even after putting a new one on. Then drank wine, half a big bottle of Hoegarden, big bottle of some other strong lager.
Wednesday went over to Wood End but only Fingers turned up, so a nice steady 26 miles. Thursday out and did 12x6 minutes hard, varying levels of hard.
Went for a ride up past the Bittel reservoirs with David in the evening then 5 tins of lager. Ho hum.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Tuesday. and a real shit two days.
Saturday, checked out bike and the chain alignment is crap, so that the chain rubs the outer chainwheel on the first 3 rear sprockets, which is shit. Then went and did a ride out through Rubery, Catshill, Bellbroughton, Kidderminster, Stourport, Worms Ash. Did 2 hours at level 3 plus a 15 min warm-up and stopped at the top of the hill on the main road over to Rubery. 42 miles total at 18.5 mph avg, so did 20mph + for the 2 hours at level 3. Which is good.
Sunday, off to race at Arrow, 8 laps of a rolling 5 mile loop. Sounds good, but 1st time up the hill OK, then downhill just lost it and drifted off the back, rolled round on my own, met Brian. Felt terrible. Did a few slow laps with Brian. Then home. Felt foul. Picked up Dad for dinner, took him home & to Asda. Then home & had the runs, Started to have a couple of drinks but at 9.30 felt so bad I went to bed. Bed wasn't even made. Just flaked out & slept until late Monday. Snoozed, Got up & mowed lawns, then slept again Bed at 10.30 & slept well again. Feel better this morning. In the office, have some coffee in a while for added boost. And some chocolate too. Weight was 73 Kg yesterday ! 73.6 today.