Saturday, April 01, 2006

The News today stated that Condoleeza Rice (US Secretary of State) while being trated to a tour of Blackburn (Eh ?) by our lovely Secretary of What, Jaques Straw met with local Muslim leaders.
Why ? Why should a representative of the free and open US meet with the low-life nobodies of a tiny minority reigion in the UK ?
Whats that about ?
Why didn't she meet the Picts, or followers of Thor ?
Worked all week in Leamington.
Except Monday. I drank too much on Sunday evening. So rang in sick and spent the day driving through the Peak District to M61 and Horwich. Bought a burger and eat it at Matchmoor looking at the panoramic view.
Rest of week in Leamington, working damn hard.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Koran, like the bible, is afairy story. So what you say, well, to deny the truth of the Old or New Testament incurs the possibility of a discussion amongst a bunch of vicars. But to deny the truth of the koran incurs a death penalty !
Whoo hoo ! I publicy state that everything written (er, he was illiterate so he didn't write anything) by Mohamed was lies and he made it up to suit his circumstances, such as marrying a 6 year old (wierd or what, what a kiddy-diddler !)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Guess what ? I've found out how to add pictures to my blogologogob;

So heres my newly built road bike. Actually did a 30 mile ride yesterday ! So I might even get fit enough to ride it !

Pretty poor wording, but you get my sentiments. This anti-war protestor went to Iraq to do, what ? Stop the conflict by the power of god ?

Anyhoo, he was kidnapped by a criminal gang, one of his follow protestors was murdered, then he was freed by SAS troops, and he reportedly didn't thank them. He later read out a statement once he'd arrived home in which he firstly said how horrible the Iraqi people were being treated, said he felt sympathy for the relatives of servicemen killed in Iraq and what a waste it was, then sort of thanked the troops that rescued him, thanking them principally for not injuring anyone when they were rescued. As the kidnappers were tipped off that there hideout was discovered, not being islamical nuts the made themselves scarce before the rescue attempt.