Friday, June 07, 2002

Friday. Once again I drank far too much last night. Not overly excessive, but just too much.
Ears seems to have cleared up, I poured in some warm water whilst I was in the shower yesterday evening. I remember reading that this would dislodge wax, and it worked !
Had steak and chips for dinner. The steak was chewy. What do decent restaurants do to steak to make it so tender ? Do they hang it for a couple of weeks, or use better cuts, or do they batter it ? The last decent piece of steak I eat was in DeVeres hotel. That was a long while back, or was it in the Jarvis ?
Before drinking in the bar last night I went for a curry with Mo. Mmm. Mushroom pakora for starters followed by chicken tikka jalfrezi, that was done 'alai' eg. Asian style which means more chillies go in. And boy it was hot. Had to have an ice cream to cool my mouth down. Had some lager to drink, would have been more enjoyable with a mango lassee. I started eating curries after an evening of drinking, but now I enjoy curries more without the beer, the alcohol spoils the taste. I had a couple of pints of lager with the meal last night, and did'nt finish off the second pint. Lager needs to be drunk quickly while its nice and cold, and not supped whilst eating a meal. Wine would be better, but I can't think of a wine that would go with very hot food.

I did think I would be seeing H last night, but she did'nt have a very good couple of days so no.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Thursday. At Horwich. 'working'. Well, reading my mails & checking out hotel rooms on the web. And doing bits of work. I really am fed up with being in this office and the work I am doing, or rather supposed to be doing. Just heard about someone I knew thats now contracting and is also fed up. They think they're having a mid-life crisis (at 34, I doubt it, not old enough). That can't be right, I'm the one having the mid-life crisis round here. Now my ears seem to be clogged with wax again. This happened a year ago. Well, spent Monday and Tuesday decorating my daughters room in a rather nice shade of light purple for 3 walls, with a terracotta ? on the window wall. It looks fairly good. Even though she has now put posters and a big framed photo of 'Cisco up, it still looks good. She seems to have inherited my taste at least. Son has got over mashing up his elbow and is keen to get riding again. Now hes happily showing off his scabs. Well last night I tried to get in touch, suspect that her freind did'nt tell her I called first time, and maybe intercepted my message. Which shows the stupidity of leaving ones mobile with someone else. Thats something I would never do. Now I think I had better get myself a personal mobile, this thing has got too hairy for stuff to go through the company mobile. And, you never know who may pick it up in the office. Message late last night that she is trying to contact me. Turned it off after midnight. Good thing too. A call at 0030 would be odd.
Training update; have'nt done any. Did an easy 14 on Tuesday evening, and an easy 11 yesterday morning. Was going on the club bash, but it absolutely pissed down yesterday evening, as well as being bloody cold. So nothing now until Sat, then race on Sunday. If I feel up to it. After my pathetic attempt on Sunday I had better stick to tiddleywinks.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Monday morning. Raining now I have to go and decorate Joannes bedroom.
Saturdat; Picked up Pete, off to Coventry 2-day. at Harbury, suspiciously close to the North Cotswolds.
Stage 1 a 3 mile time trial. 'Don't cross the white lines on the bend' they said. Hammering in to the finish I crossed the white lines on the bend, thus incurring a 30 second penalty. Time, 8.05 + 30 secs. Winner did 6.50 or so. Then sat around in the sun waiting for the road stage. Undulating 35 miles. Had a go in the sprint, finished about 15th in bunch of 30. Home.
Sunday. Sunny again. 24-27 C. Feeling a bit lethargic, touch of sunstroke. Course was changed to 4 laps of 18 mile circuit plus ride on and off making 75 miles ! Off we went, onto the climb over Burton Dassett. I just did'nt bother, sat on the back and got in with the tail enders that were all dropped from the main group. Went along with a small group, slowed up going down the other side through the twisty village. 3 more caught me up, worked with them to Southam, we were 3 mins down on the bunch so me & another guy just slowed up. Then stopped fo a pee by the motorway. Rode up the hill again to cheers from a herd of sheep. Watched the races go over the hill then back to the headquarters where lots of riders were there already, complaining over the length of the race. Well, 75 miles is a bit much, especially when I was expecting only 60 !
Went home after dropping Pete off, bought some lager. Sat on patio, drank beer, wine, and watched Akira.