Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Jeeezuz Fucking Christ. The work I'm doing up in t'North has run out of chargeable cover off the customer. So I spoke with them and my boss, I will carry on working until customer is happy that everything works and hangs together with e-mails, web pages, faxing, stuff linking to their document viewing software and so on and so forth. OK. Not so keen on working for free, but customer is a big top 100 type place. So, our salesman gets to hear of this and 'phones me yesterday evening saying 'you can't work for free, I'll talk to 'em and say so'. Off he goes to call them this morning. No doubt he'll piss them off and we'll loose them as a customer. They won't want to have me write the Oracle link so I'll not get that usefull experience. Stupid fucker will screw it all up. Hes so greedy that he can't see the future. This won't be the first time his short term greed has lost more money in the long run.
Did a nice steady 25 miles in sunny weather, almost 21 Centigrade ! Dry ! Went to Davids school testerday evening for a caberet. The hall was arranged with tables, and there was a buffet and a bar. All illegal, as selling alcohol needs some sort of licence ? It was pretty good for a bunch of schoolkids playing an amazing range of musical instruments, one kid was so good on the piano playing a Purcell tune ? I think, and later on some blues. Then someone else played a blinding piece on the drums. Then we had a bunch of brass players, then a couple of guitars, then the school rock group. All good stuff. Including the choir that David sang in, seeing as he isn't a great singer. Then the keyboard group David played in, good also.
Got up early and did a steady 45 mins, in the damp, as I arrived home the rain got heavier. The traffic was quite bad coming back home through Hopwood, now I remember why I don't like riding at that time of the day. I might ride the '10 this evening, not sure if I want to, especially if its raining. We'll see.

Monday, July 08, 2002

Monday, so, another day of work ? Yes, and no ! As at the end of last week I was so pissed off with working in Horwich I decided today and Tuesday I will be 'working at home' an IT euphanism for doing sod-all at home. And as David is in a concert at his school tonight I needed no further reason to not drive up North.
So this morning I ambled downstairs, watched tv news. The fact the M6 was shut as the police shot someone there this morning cheered me up, as normally I would be sitting in the 'major disruption' this caused around M6/M62/Manchester area. Then I went and got some bread, made myself a bacon sandwich, took Joanne to College. Had a sandwich, went out for 25 really easy miles.
At the weekend I rode a 54 mile RR, finished in the bunch, tried a bit. Tried at the end but the roads were too narrow, and as I tried to get to the front cars kept coming the other way, which was a bit scary as it was winding up to a sprint.
This evening we're off to watch David in a school concert.