Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yesterday it seemed a good idea to drive up and see Hazel, so I did, we went for a meal. Felt a bit uncertain, she didn't seem perticualary affectionate though. Seemed impressed that I came all the way to see her. Or impressed with how much of a taken-in-for mug I really am.
Don't really know what I'm feeling today. Apart from fat and old.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fun, fun, fun.
Saturday took Joanne to Ikea to buy her some furniture, traffic light and Ikea none too crowded ! Then built it helped by David. Beer in evening, wasn't going to but had to have a reason to go out so I could talk to Hazel.
Sunday - Joannes birthday, collected Dad, he met Jordan who came for dinner.Then off to Dartford, went through central London, loads of traffic but saw Swiss Cottage, which I remember from when we used to see my uncle Doug in Battersea. Blimey, thats 40 years ago !So work in Dartford Monday, stopped at the Holiday Inn Express. Heard my car is being delayed 2 months.
Went out for a drive in the evening, was going to Reculver but the traffic on the M2 was awful, turned off and went to Cantebury. Then back to hotel for wine !
Tuesday felt low, in the evening drove out to look at the steelworks at Sheerness, then for a walk at Reculver, which was nice, it cleared my head a little bit. Then all the way home feeling bad as Hazel hadn't contacted me.
Got a text this morning, phew.