Friday, March 24, 2006

The BBC this month (March) is closing down its Greek language service. Among others -

The World Service said broadcasts in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Kazakh, Polish, Slovak, Slovene and Thai languages would end by March 2006.

However, loads of money is being found for Arabic broadcasting, a tv and a radio channel.

The BBC World Service is to launch an Arabic television news channel in 2007, the corporation has confirmed.
The channel will initially broadcast 12 hours a day and will be the BBC's first publicly funded global TV service.
It is part of a �30m restructuring of the World Service and is being funded by the closure of 10 foreign language services - with the loss of 218 jobs.

That stinks. Unless they plan on showing naked women, homosexuals and Danish cartoons all day.

So. The people in those once Soviet-controlled countries that relied on the BBC foriegn language broadcasts for reliable news of the outside world are now being forgotten.
The good people of Greece that have been our friends and allies are being forgotten.
But the shifty, shitty arabs, that provide the finance and ideologies for global terrorism are getting a nice new service. Is this so the BBC can transmit world news to downtrodden arabs ?
I think not. I think it will be to present Great Britain as an arab-friendly muslim-loving nation.
Well that may be what the government want us to think, but not me.
Finished off building my new road bike last night. Did a set of 6 15 second intervals with the resistance set on the first notch. Weather is warmer, so I must do a couple of hours on the road this weekend.
Fuck mohammed and all his slavish followers.


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