Friday, March 10, 2006

So I should be happy as the weekend is nearly here, and I had a bacon/mushrrom sandwich from the caravan by the Malt Shovel up dudley Road this morning.
But I heard from Joanne that he had been missing lectures, and may have to re-take a whole year, just like he did with his A' levels. He took a mixture of anti-depressants, sleeping pills and beer on Wednesday night. Ho, hum.
Hearing lots of news about our people-loving Governments plans for a 'super region', called Birmingham super city (ha hahaaha ha) and will include Birmingham, The Black Country and Telford. Telford ? Where ? Oh that crappy area the last lot of bumbling socialists made up. The 'chief executive' (what the fuck ?) is 'delighted'. Of course, he can be included in another level of government with a big pay rise and a bigger office, more lackeys.
Another spot of bad news is from Holland where the Dutch cities are voting in the socialist, and its all down to the immigrant (muslim) vote. They certainly know what side their bread is buttered ! Vote for the bunch of tossers that give them lots of benefits. The people that want to have 'inclusion' and 'dialogue' and 'openess' and a 'fair society'. Which usually means its fine to allow a bunch of medieval thugs to pursue what they laughingly call 'the religion of peace' by beating thier wives, murdering Jews and hating America. But as all good socialists know, america is inherently bad, what with thier cultural imperialism, imposing coke and burgers on the world. The rotters. Fancy making people buy computers using an evil operating system from Seattle. We should all convert to some operating system designed by socialists or muslims. That famous lot of sand niggers that invented, er maths. According to any stupid apoligist for islam, the Arabs invented modern maths. Except they didn't. That was the Greeks. All the Arabs did was use an arabic symbol for zero. And that was in use before moohamed came along in about 620.
Funny about history, About the time the taliban were destroying statues of Buddha in Afghanistan I was talking to Mo about religions, and mentioned that Judaism was at least 3000 years old, and Budhism about 2500. He seemed surprised. He didn't belive that any religions were older than islam ! I don't think he believed me. Which is an interesting peek into the mind-set of a 'tolerant', educated muslim. He is brain-washed into believing his dumb religion is as ald as life.
Fucking hell, I better get a life, its just a bunch of towel heads, and religion is the biggest joke perpetrated on mankind ever !
Musr RIDE MY BIKE this weekend. I mean properly, 30 miles on the roads, not 30 minutes on the turbo.


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