Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kofi Annan. He is the boss of the United Nations, that august body which helps keep the world a peaceful place, or so I used to think.
The United Nations peacekeeping force (Dutch soldiers, their motto; 'we didn't see anything and our guns are never loaded') watched while Serbs took a couple of thousand muslims off to murder them. Thats OK because Dutch are a bunch of cowardly arse-lickers. Then in Sudan the UN ignore slavery and forced islamisation of christians and tribal peoples, and also ignor mass murder and rapes. So at least the UN are even-handed, they close their eyes to killings by both sides of the great divide. But when it comes to being nice to bad people they are terrific ! In Kofi Annans eyes that dirty killer Arafat was a saint ! Its possible he may have died of an aids related illness, as he was alledged to have gone in for mass orgies with his male bodyguards. His wife lives in Paris, is now very rich and often says 'praise be to allah', well, she inhereted a fortune. Where did all that money come from ? Extortion I suppose, and stolen from the poor of Palestine. Yet Arafat got a Nobel proce for peace ! How odd, a terrorist given an award for peace. Ho hum.
Arrived home and the wardrobe is in stock at Ikea said David. So after tea, off to Ikea. Put passenger seat flat to fit packs in, but that meant I could only get 3, 4 and 5th and reverse gear.
Which meant when I stopped at an island a horrible lot of revving to start, and some blue smoke and a burning smell, hope my clutch isn't damaged.


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