Monday, March 06, 2006

There is a film about the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. Cuba ? Isn't that ruled by that bad beardy that ill-treats his own people ? So whats it doing in cuba, a land that hates the US ? (A land that is loved by lefties the world over, because the boss of Cuba has got a beard)
Anyhoo. The film, I suppose, goes along with the trendy lefty views that Guantanamo Bay is a bad thing. I'm making this supposition without hearing or reading about the film. I don't really want to either. If the US sees fit to incarcerate its (and our) enemies then good for them. The people that seem most annoyed about this are gullible lefties and Muslims. Seeing as Muslims all seem to believe in god and that non-Muslims are bad, anything that annoys them is fine by me.
Anything that annoys lefties is more than fine, as most are well educated and should know better. They would get short shrift indeed if Muslims ruled the roost, as they would like to.
What is a shrift anyway, and why is it short ?
One of the people held, then relased was one Mozzam Begg, form the sunny climes of the West Midlands. He admits to going to training camps in Afghanistan, 'to fight the US'. So why was he released ? Because he is a Brit ? Thats pretty bad, I would prefer if he was locked away. Much better if the US troops had shot all the people they picked up in Afghanistan. Jobs a good un !


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