Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh its Monday. Last week I worked at home on Wednesday and Thursday. Did some turbo work. Friday ho hum, went to Merry hill and bought a nice bracelet, then Shifnal, Great Bridgford, M6, A34 & various meandering lanes by Macclesfield and Pott Shrigley (?), where I came to some roadworks with parked van, overtook the van and blimey, the van was stopped at temporary traffic lights ! Carried on anyway. Ended up in sharston, and thought she was out, so knocked the door, but she was in. So had a nice hour talking. Then back down M6.
Saturday, mainly eat, pizza for tea. Sunday went to see Dad and The Fort.
Now eight 85K. Really bad, my guts feel rough, a few days of starving are needed.


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