Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In spite of some of the hard sessions on the turbo in the past month, I feel flabby and slow. I must get over this habit of rising early on sturday and lolling about after eating a massive breakfast.

Some blogger;
Has a theory that muslimical loonies want to impose sharia - islamic law - in the UK. Ha ha I thought, the Law is the Law. And lo and behold I hear our lily-livered government annoucing that 'local' democracy and local groups should have more power to govern their own nieghbourhoods. Well in that case I am appointing myself Governer of my street, and my first law is legalising handguns. My second law is making following any sort of religion a capital offense, my third law is to put up a giant poster of the lying prophet moohamed shagging his six year old wife, the dirty arab pervert.

Some cartoon;


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