Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday is tradionally my crap day of the week, but Wednesday is running close, or rather Wednesday evening, so thats almost Thursday.
'phone rang yesterday evening, it was Joannes boyfriend's sister, he took an overdose and is in hospital in Bristol. Right after that call, Joanne rang (she had left her mobile at home, charging so they couldn't get in touch with her) saying she didn't want a lift from college as she is leaving early. So I told her to wait.
Jayne came with me, and they sat in the back, and she was terribly upset. Jayne was a pain in the arse. Best she hadn't come. So Joanne called his mum, and got some more of the story. Happened Wednesday morning, early, as Joanne had a text from him saying 'sorry, I love you'. Took them both to Joanne's office so that she could collect tickets for Bristol, Jayne went to see her off from New Street.
Heard later that he had gone to the docs for some unspecified reason, and his mum said that he had insomnia and maybe made a mistake with the pills he took, as a medical student, I doubt it.


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