Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Money for - old rope ? - nothing ? - being a creep ?
The lovely socialist Government has announced all well behaved teenagers that polish thier shoes and wash behind thier ears are to be given millions of pounds of taxpayer's money.
Its some sort of bribery scheme, along the same lines of 'don't skive off school and we will give you 30 quid a week'. Which has been so sucessful. Well, �30 per week for not skiving school ? I wouldn't have got it. My son don't get it either, as its only open to povs earning less than �30,000 per year. So thats another reason to be a pov, lots of state money.
I just get the feeling that parental earnings of more than �30,000 p.a. will mean no weekly money for the well-behaved offspring.
The boy is well-behaved, but he hasn't seem to have met much in the way of temptation as yet.
Unlike the girl, that recently admitted to drinking a bottle of wine before she sat her GCSE maths exam. And she would never had received that weekly attendance cash off the Government as she was an even bigger skiver than I was.

Whatever, I just have to put this in, nicked from the BBC News site;

Well-behaved teenagers are to be rewarded with a so-called "good behaviour card" to spend on sport and leisure, under plans being unveiled.
Chancellor Gordon Brown wants to give 13-19 year-olds up to �25 a month to keep them "off the streets", as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.
But youngsters who repeatedly misbehave will have their cards withdrawn.
"The hardcore will not get it. This is for the decent, well-behaved young people," the chancellor told the BBC.

Yippee. Money for being smug gits and patted on the head by passing coppers.

Anyhoo, did 15 mins easy on the turbo yesterday morning, then 4 sets of moderate 3 mins at 105rpms with a 2 min rest. And 20 mins easy this morning. Pity I can't get off my arse and do something at the weekend, as my weight is going up, at least under 84K this morning, by virtue of no junk food.
Bought some lights a while back, with the idea of doing an hour when I get home in the evening, but the weather so far has been awful. Nice text off Hazel. What to do ?


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