Monday, March 20, 2006

Science, or rather the lack of science.....

What is this 'global warming' alert ?What exactly are the figures for global temperature increase, I wonder ?
Some program on tv warning that lakes in Africa are shrinking due to 'global warming'. Are they really ?
Why have the BBC and some sections of the media, namely the Guardianistas, become so enamoured with global warming theories. The whole hypothesis is a pretty deep scientific theory, that global temperatures are showing a remorseless (not a scientific term, I know) upward trend. OK, they may be, I think a global increase of 0.4C over the past 150 years. And that this increase is almost all down to human activity in producing greenhouse gases, namely CO2 and NH4. OK, it may well be the case. But why have the normal anti-science brigade of bleeding-heart liberals and socialists jumped on the global warming bandwagon. Why do such people take an unproved scientific theory as plain fact, when they have always been so anti science ? Science, for these folks is 'bad'. It makes bad things, nuclear power, vaccines, vivisection, new weapons, and so on. But these people are the natural hiers of the 18th C romantics, the 19th C Pre-Raphelites and Arts and Craft socialists and the 1930s peace movements. Science became the big thing of the Post-War world, as advances made life better for all of us, especially those not at the top of the tree. So, this is a reaction to the dominance of science over the past 50 years. and what better way to be against science than to use a scientific theory ?
So the self-loathing folks that hate modern society now have the perfect foil and antidote to all our problems.


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