Monday, March 20, 2006

Last week, what did I do ? Oh yes. Wednesday evening, nothing.
Thursday drove down to Chesham for a discussion about document rquirements. Went well and off at 12. Arrived home and did a 5 x 4 mins hard. Which was a lot easier than the struggle I had on the turbo on Tuesday, by simply adjusting the resistance correctly where the control cable screws in. Ha.
Friday office, but meetings with a pizza and wine lunch. Went and had a couple of pints in the dog and Lampost, Hazel rang while I was there.
Friday evening drank some rubbishy vodka mixer I bought from M&S, and did more work on new road bike.
Saturday actually started tidying bedroom, moving all the piles of books and papers.
Sunday totk Dad for dinner. Then more tidying of bedroo.
Friday had a letter off David's school, saying what a delightful pupil he is, has a mature attitude and should do well with his GCSEs. Also David expressed interest in having an air rifle for his birthday. I'm all for that, except Mrs may not be too keen.
So another weekend goes by with no road work. Hmmm. Races start soon, if I want i could start now. Better get 2 or 3 weekends of hard road work in, with big gears.


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