Friday, March 10, 2006

Nearly forgot. I think my plan of doing a spell on the turbo a couple of early morings a week is paying off. Weight down from a scary 86kg to a more manageable 82.6kg. So if I am able to continue with my self-discipline of eating, and 2 early turbo sessions combined with 1 or 2 hard evenig sessions, I should not put any on, antd loose a little more. I also need to get able to do 3 hour hard road sessions, so I really must go out this weekend.
This week i have done;
Mon - nil
Tue; 18 mins early easy turbo.
evening; 5 x 3 mins hard.
Wed; 20 mins early easy.
Thu evening; 9 x 20 secs @ 140+ rpm.
Fri; up and a few press-ups.


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