Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Arrived home not too full of zeal and neeling lazy. Started on a rurbo session, but just couldn't be bothered. Collect Joanne from college, then had some vodka while I worked on my road bike.
Why ? Why bother with a road bike while I never seem to actually ride on the road ?

Here is a moderate muslim;
Light beatings is fine.

Here is a comical site;
The muslimsis invented everything ! From buckets to bikes, from penecillin to pajamas !
Of course, that inventive mind of people that live in sand and eat dirt while lightly beating their wives !
What that informative site does is say that things invented in the East are muooslimin inventions. Such as cheese, which is first mentioned in Sumarion or Mesopotamian writings, but as that area is in the Middle East, it means cheese was invented by an Arab, thus Arabs are muslims. Except both are wrong. And so it goes on, with tenuous links to stuff that could be vaguely attributed to having come from the East, therefore Arabic, therefore muslim.
And there was me thinking all the muslims ever invented was sand.


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