Saturday, June 03, 2006

Say no to nasty sharp things, abolish scissors with the caring socialists;
In Northants 306 knives were handed in. In Cambs the figure was 212, and 175 were handed in to Suffolk Police.
The news comes after Essex Ambulance Service handed out anti-stab vests out to 700 paramedics and Ipswich Borough Council bought 10 anti-vests for its parking attendants.

anti-vests ? Are vests dangerous too ?

Fuck vegetables. Those horrid green things that spoil a good meal. I have almost had to stand up and shout at waiters trying to get the message across the I don't want salad with my steak and chips ! Yet along they come with a side-plate with salad on. What part of 'no salad' don't they understand ? Tossers.

Sack him;
A mayor cannot hold his position unless he swears alliegiance to The Crown. What a cunt.

Went to the track yesterday evening, I'm really almost tempted to race. Hmmm.


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