Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tuesday. Hectic w/e.
Saturday I was going out for a 2 hour hard ride, but had to drag round garden centres looking for a present for the Mrs-in-laws 80th. It had to be a steel obelisk, 6 feet high ! Well we found one in the third one we looked in, up past Lydiate Ash. Then off up M6toll, a bit stupid as it added about 25 mins to my journey. But if the M5/M6 was busy it may have been as quick or even faster. Arrived at a cheapo hotel, got in and off to the velodrome for an enjoyable evenings watching the stars on the track. Had 4 tins of Boddingtons, probably OK over 3 hours, but should be more careful ! Back to hotel after getting slightly lost on Eccles. Had a couple of pints of lager and a couple of glasses of wine.
Up at 0630, off over the M62 to Thorne. Chicken pluckers went live, it was tense for me ! Left with great relief at 1300. Nice trip, came off the M62 and went a trip over the very high bridge over the motorway, meandering drive up M66, M65, Tockholes ! Horwich. Had a burger. Took it up Matchmoor & eat it watching the view over a dark Manchester, could see fireworks, they were the Chinese New Year celebrations. How odd, sitting out with the door open in the cold, enjoying myself looking at the view. What an odd fellow.
Then to pick up H. To hotel. Drank rest of wine and some Tia Maria. Was really plastered, sort of let it all go after the pressure earlier in the day.
Took H home, then to HoseCo. then to see Dad, then eventually home.
Dire warnings of severe weather on Saturday have come to naught so far, colder, certainly but no -5 and windchill of -15 with blizzards ! So far.


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