Monday, November 24, 2003

Work again. Since last Monday I have, er, not much.
Tuesday learing ECom, turbo session in evening.
Wednesday same, including the turbo session.
Both sessions aftertea, and my stomach felt none too chipper afterwards,
especially after Wednesday's session that involved to 120 rpm stuff.
Thursday up early and off up M6, Stoke, Leek, Buxton, stopped for a
bacon barm just after Doveholes and spent the day helping
Robert with eCom in Chapel-en-le-Frith. Then into Manchster, to Cricket
ground hotel. Got some food & drink, picked up Hazel. Friday morning off
for a stroll around the front at Morecambe ! Drive back down the M6 was horrible.
Made it to the computer shop to collect my pc just before it closed at 18.00.
Saturday had to go back to the shop as modem not working. Yet another new
modem card, back home the screen keeps freezing up.Oh blimey.
Then spent the rest of the day watching bits of Dr. Who 40 years stuff on
cable tv, and collected Joanne from work. Wet, cold day.
Saturday, off on the bash ! To Evesham garden centre via the lanes by Mother
Huff Cap, and some other places.
Bought some lager and drank 4 tins in the evening.


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