Monday, November 17, 2003

Monday. Well went the weekend well ? No it fucking did not.
Saturday Mrs. went shopping early I stayed in. Had wine & beer on Fridaye evening. Not happy at missing the bash.
At least put the 'bar extensions on David's bike, and we went off to the Clent Hills for a ride round, a burger then a look at Halesowen track. Bought more wine for Saturday evening as according to Mrs. I have to take Joanne to work. Joanee arrived home and said she'll get the bus, by which time I had decided to give the run a miss anyway.
Sunday turned on pc and got cannot access HDD error. Messed about inside, managed to get it going on C drive, then blew a fuse trying to connect the D drive up. Fuck it. We went over to see Dad.
Monday got up late and went over to computer shop in Cotterige and left pc there to see what horrors happen. Blimey, I hope both drives aren't knackered. Had a message off Hazel asking for a loan. Blimey. Might see her on Thursday. I'll be working at Chapel-en-le-Frith.


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