Friday, June 09, 2006

The Official EU flag:

Good news !
Some murderous nutjob in Iraq has been killed by a US attack.

Good news !
Heinz are talking to 'local leaders' (who they ?) about keeping production of HP Sauce in Birmingham.

Good news !
I actually got my arse in gear and rode a race yesterday evening. The Team Midland 10 mile TT.
I did the poor time of 28.04. On my road bike. Poor for me, but for an unfit boozer that wasn't too bad. Might even be motivated enough to start training properly. Might be.
It was horrible, very warm, still and muggy. I forgot just what riding hard does, and went through a few moments of suffering. Especially on the bits that were not flat or slightly downhill. Coming up to the turn around the island I felt like shit, my mouth had dried up, I had to have a swig of water which tasted foul as i had drunk some rum out of it and couldn't get rid of the taste. Ugh. I went into the finishing road off the dual carriageway, and expected the finish to be just round the corner. Nothing ! I saw someone going the other way, and wondered if the finish was straight on along the dual carriageway, but I plodded (I really plodded) along, the finish was almost a mile away. Ugh. covered in sweat, and started sneezing and coughing. Still sneezing when I arrived home. Ugh. Nose hurts inside now.
This morning started filling up with petrol, then realised I left wallet at home. What a spazz.
Petrol station was OK, went and got money from office to pay, went back for my wallet, went to Sainsburs for a supply of string, onions and sticks. Checkout girl asked if was having a barbeque.
But no, we have a team-bonding quiz here today, and we are Team France. Ugh. Cheese eating surrender monkeys.


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