Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Scottishness.

I'm glad that when I was born, it was in England, and growing up in England has made me feel British first, then a Scot, then English. I never thought I would say that.
Looking at the figures, us hard-working English earn the money that pays the tax that is given to The Scots. The Land of The High Endeavour, Land of The Purple Heather that once provided the men and matierials to run An Empire has now shrunk to a bunch of mealy-mouthed whingers living on allowances. Allowances provided from south of the border.
Mealy-mouthed, what a lovely Scottish phrase.
What brought this rant on ? This;
"We need Crossrail to keep London's Economy ticking over so that we can continue to pay for the Scottish to live the lifestyle to which they are accustomed."
Attributed to Red Ken, or one of his minions.
How awfully true, but as my Uncle lived in Battersea and relied on state handouts to keep him going as his lungs were knackered after a beating he had from a German in Italy in 1943, then enduring 2 years of hell in prison camps, maybe we have a lot to be thankful to The Scots for. But that was when we were truly A United Kingdom, not a falling-apart collective of spongers.

Happy happy, joy joy !

Started reading 'The trouble with islam today' by Irshad Manji. To try and understand why what should be a good thing, i.e. a Religion, is such a bad thing. The moslems I know are nice people, surely this can't be a smokescreen to hide their true feelings ?
The islamic terrorism thing - I grew up with religious hatred then terrorist attacks.
So the use of terrorism by moslems seemed, to me, to be normal behaiviour for cut-throat loonies. The IRA, Bahder-Mienhoff, etc. etc. used terrorism to try and attain their ends, so why not Palestinians ? But it wasn't just Palestinians. It was Saudis inflamed that US troops were in the Middle East. C'mon guys, get a life, eh ? US troops are in many countries, but thats not an offence to a religion. Do Roman Catholics get pissed off that US troops are in Italy ?
Shit, I have no idea why it is a bad thing to moslems that US troops are in Saudi. Once I have read that book, I will start on the koran, the English version. I hear their are accusations that the English translation of the koran contain lies put in by the English translators, and that the only true way to understand the koran is to learn Arabic.
Eh ? I think that the bible should have the old testament written in some Bronze Age script, and the new testament written in Latin, only, and that all the translations into modern languages should be banned. Ha.


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