Monday, June 05, 2006

Why am I posting ?
Done nothing except mow the lawns, drink some alcohol, and generally potter about in the garden. Which is not the way a bike racer should be spending his weekend. I did think seriously about doing some training yesterday afternoon, but what do know ? It rained ! Phew, that was a lucky escape. I'm thinking hard about doing a ride this evening, as I made stupid comments to various people in public at Halesowen last Friday about racing.

kkgwzx - are the letters I type in that I saw in the picture above (below).

Oh yes, some naughty people from Bangladesh were grabbed by the fuzz last Friday, for having suspected chemical vests. Oooh err missus.
The families, friends and nighbours describe them as good religious lads, wouldn't hurt a fly. And on the subject of fly, one of the parents of these peace-loving lads flew off for a holiday on Saturday. So he loves his son then.

enhdfk - what I typed in.


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