Friday, September 24, 2004

I'm getting over Hazel, as I hoped I would. Lots of little things like this blog from last November certainly help;
Monday. Really ? Oh yes.Erm, last Monday and Wednesday evening went weight training. That was hard work.Tuesday a day near Mansfield, home late & bought a bottle of red. Thursday into Manchester, home vey late.Friday did a turbo session.Saturday out in appalling rain and wind. To Feckenham. Drip drip drippity drip.Sunday, dry and sunny and even fairly mild !!! Club run to Kenilworth, cafe full.Sunday evening more wine. And once again, Monday. Felt very depressed this morning, maybe the after-effects of alcohol. Sent H a text saying I could get her more money this week, that got a reply. So I am wondering am I being used ?
posted at Monday, December 01, 2003

And was I being used ? You fucking bet I was !
It was almost worth it for all the shagging.
And this evening I'm joined my happy colleagues for a night drinking in the city centre !
Beer ! Smirnoff Ice ! Wahay !
And I had a haircut, life could hardly be better !


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