Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thursday.Tuesday I evening I went to look at LA Fitness, but their off-hand attitude and the fact I had to make an appointmentwith a sales assistant put me off. Went out a look round as I remembered a sports club somewhere around Lifford Lane, and there it was, Lakeside Centre. Going to enroll, excellent !Wednesday I bought 2 bottles of Old Git red, and drank 'em, mmmm tannin taste ! Woke up feeling dehydrated, but not too bad. Must remember to not drink beer in future ! Still feeling an awful sense of loss. Really confusing as I didn't know I felt that strongly about her. Feeling more angry though,and found a DHSS Benefit Fraud website. Now who do I know thats comitting benefit fraud ? Someone using a car providedunder the handicap allowance to carry on a business, that stupid face painting, and earning while recieving unemployment benefit, through being unfit to work. Mo hum. Revenge will be sweet.
Oh and sent a txt saying I was clearing out texts from old Nokia, found all the ones where she professed love & affection, gone now. I don't really want to communicate with her ever again.


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