Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Charabancs warning at Wookey Hole.

The road was fine for 4WDs.

Went for a day out with Joanne on Sunday. The dinosaur/pirate thing at Wookey hole was crap.
Just some averagely poor plaster-cast type dinosaurs, a puzzled looking King Kong, and a pirate kids sort of show. Very poor, but the cave was good. Not sure it was worth the £62.50 it cost me for five people though.

A modern stylish man, after eating too many XL burgers and thus growing man-boobs.

Then went up to Priddy and had a very good meal (beef sausage and chips) at the New Inns.
New Inns, near to Swildon Hole.
Nice pub, had a pint of some sort of local bitter. a bit fruity for my taste. Put my Skilt on, much to Joannes and Jordans amusement !

Back in Essex. Felt really depressed on Monday, the woe of reaching another autumn and achieving none of the things I wanted too; No trip to the Pyrenees, No bike racing, fuck-all cycling apart from only one mtb trip to Cannock Chase. Now the weather has turned, the dark nights are here, oh woe is my. My daughter has left home, her boyfriends dropped out of University and isn't even working because of depression, oh woe is me. My son is maybe going to go off to University sometime (if he works hard and gets decents grades, that is) oh woe, woe and thrice woe. My Dad seems getting more confused or more deaf. Seemed quite compos mentis when I spoke on the 'phone yesterday evening. Woe is me.
So all the things I planned to do, I didn't. Cleaned my winter bike last Saturday. Can at least drag meself out for a spin this weekend. Trying to eat less. Working so far, might have some wine this evening. But NO CRISPS.
Weight; Officially 90 Kilos.


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