Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sunset over Sheerness

The new bridge over the Swale onto The Isle of Sheppey

Very nice bridge. Lots of brilliant engineering projects happening in Kent.

Hello blog, what have I done recently ? Been away on holiday. Eventually had Virgin fix my modem. Fucking hell, getting a company to help out is a pain in the bum. I must remember to check the next bill to see if they reduced my fee like they said they would.

Went to Dartford on Monday, stopped at the Holiday Inn Express. Nice place, really tasty croissants for breakfast. Realised that I was working in Dartford on Sep 11 2001. And 6 years on, there again. In fact January 1995 was the first time I worked there. The lovely toy shop closed in 2001 or so, but apart from that, and Burger King closing in the High Street, its much the same.
Dydes excellent tool shop is still on Hyth Street, its moved from the corner. The strange army surplus store is as dusty as ever, and the window display will need a pick and shovel to move the layers of dust. I must go there and ask for something out the window one day to see if they can extract from under the muck. The bridge over the Darenth at the back of the factory is closed as a new path is built along the river.
Drove home along the M4 and A417 around Swindon. And the A417 will soon be dual carriageway all the way to the top of Birdlip. To think of all the times I drove up and down that road to Swindon and the routes I used to avoid Cirencester. Ho hum.


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