Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TV is all fake

What a surprise ! Many telly programs are all made up, who woulda thunk it, eh ?

First off, that twat BearGrylls, (the inventor of the Bear grill, used for grilling small bears) has been shown to be a fake. Someone in his team said some of the things filmed were faked, and rather than sleeping on rough ground under the stars, he stopped in 4 star hotels. Well, as i said to the family, when he says 'here i am on my own in a wilderness', he was lying, as there was obviously a cameraman, and a soundman, and possibly a whole production team. From Telegraph Online -
But a crew member said yesterday that after the camera stopped Grylls would often stay in hotels - including one with internet access and blueberry pancakes for breakfast - and that many of his daring missions were stage-managed.

Channel 4 is investigating whether Eton-educated Grylls, who broke his back in a parachute accident aged 21 but went on to become the youngest Briton to climb Everest two years later, misled the public.

I hold out hopes that Survivorman is really doing what he says he does. Mainly because he seems a likeable and real character, as opposed to the full-on twattery of Bear Grylls. I mean, your surname is Gryyls, you produce a bouncing baby boy, and name him... Bear. Well, so his twattery is inhereted.

Fuck me pink, I'm bored.
Went on Saturday, looked in Blacks and the boy saw a pair of walking poles, 2 for the price of 1, so I bought 'em. and bought a pair of La Sportiva Trango EVO GTX boots.
Also bought the boy a cheap pair of hiking boots, as he says he wants to come with me to the hills.
After many years of only wanting full leather boots with lumpy great Vibram commando pattern soles, and regarding these modern things in the light of crappy trainers, I'm proved wrong (as usual). They are half the weight of my lumpy Salomons. So, next off I need to skive a day off and give them a tryout in the mountains. So either a very early visit to Tryfan and back to the office for lunchtime, or a full day up the Grib Lem ridge on Carnedd Daffyduck. Thats a longish walk in, 100 foot scramble to a 3400 foot summit, and a long walk back to Bethesda.
And did 13 miles on my bike on Saturday, might do some more this evening.


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