Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Black Country

Today I drove home through Netherton. Netherton was famous for wrought iron and anchors. The Titanic anchor was made at the Hingley Works in Netherton. Later Netherton was famous for Ma Pardoes, - the Old Swan, a pub that brewed excellent beer. Some time in the nineties Ma Pardoes gave up brewing and became a boring pub.
Anyhoo, driving through the heart of the old Balck Country, in Netherton, I noticed a group of dodgy looking young lads, standing all around the local council 'outreach centre'. This centre gives out money to dead beat failures in a failed attempt to prevent them looting and raping. It really does, using the logic that if a ruffian has money provided for him he won't go on to rob people to provide for his evil perversions. Ho hum .


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