Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yikes !
The Live Earth (liv erf) concert was on last weekend, and I, along with mostly everybody else in the whole fucking world, didn't watch it. I am very bad and no doubt my weekend spent doing stuff in my garden contributed far more to Global Warming (now called Climate change because it don't seem to be getting hotter) than the poptastic stars that entertained the masses from various venues across the globe. Red Hot Chilli fucking Peppers; tossers, Madonna; past it, all the rest; who they ?

When I was in the garden I heard some of the low-lives that inhabit the 'houses for povs' across the way, they seemed to be talking like retarded children. Yet these half-wit folks have free housing, a wad of cash off the Government every week, and probably free drugs and booze as well. So that makes my years and years of wearing myself into the ground to earn a crust for my family look stupid. Why fucking bother when I could get it all for free. Bastard scroungers, I hope they all catch the Mange.


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