Sunday, July 22, 2007


This disgusting crap was done on the side of my daughter's flat in Bristol sometime last week. It is the illiterate scrawlings of some ignorant scum. If I could, I would dis-embowel them as was done in the days when hanging, drawing and quartering was in vogue.


As was used by an ex-dental student, now a chemistry student.


Arghh ! The sky is falling ! Its rained more than ever ! Not since Noah sailed forth have we been assailed with so much rain (well, not since 1947, and before that 1836 and before that 1770)
In fact a few of the old geezers interviewed by the telly remembered the floods of June 1947.

Well, off to see my daughter in Bristol, poor meal in The Port of Call, the Cumberland sausage was cooked in a microwave, and I asked for no gravy. But as ever what the customer wants is not the same as what the establishment can easily supply.
Just saw another of the most irritating advert paid for out of my tax about how we are bad because of our carbon footprints. Fuck the fucking cunts, with a very sharp harpoon.


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