Friday, August 31, 2007

What I did today...

At the trig point on Great Rhos.

Walked up Great Rhos, 660M , Radnor Forest. On a typical British summer day, 17C maximum, with low cloud and moderate North Westerly wind. Was going to spend the day lazing around, plan to go to Windgather Rocks was not so good as rain forecast. So Mrs suggested me & the Boy go somewhere, so we did !

Walked up the hill, down by another route and at the end of the path read this happy notice.
Lucky I threw the parts of a trip flare I found away.

Last Friday went to Ogwen Valley, parked, up with the plan of going into Cwm Bochlyrtrrd and up the South Ridge of Tryfan, bu walked into mist, and ended up on the East Face and thus decided to climb the East face to the top. Good scramble !
Heres the Boy, near the top...

On the way down the Miners Track saw a couple of cargo planes...

Wierd to be walking above a plane.

Well that sums up the 2 weeks holiday. Next week I'm hoping and praying that all my efforts to get off the internal project have come to fruition...

A Happy Monday, on a Saturday on Hydra, in 2005...

Someone stabbed on the Pershore Road, a couple of Policemen stabbed as well, another isolated incident.
Ho fucking hum.


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