Friday, September 14, 2007

Wankers of the week;

Russell Geake and Alexia Muskett got together after bumping into each other at a series of climate change events.
So when they decided to tie the knot in Cornwall, it was only natural they would want to do it in an environmentally-friendly way.

"The less mark that you can make on the ground you walk on the better," said Lexi.

Ha hahahaha. Enviromentally-friendly ? We should organise a guard of honour composed of Humvees and a fly-past of a dozen Jumbo Jets.

This is headline news on the BBC website, no doubt because of its comedy value, rather than the BBC trying to encourage people to lead an low CO2 lifestyle. The BBC are in no way shape or form biased to presenting global warming (now re-branded as climate change after the coldest summer for many years) as a scientific fact.


Blogger Rogier said...

Malcog, you big softy, we miss you at RBR. Why the fuck did you get yourself banned? Get drunk and show us your tits, you mangy old git. :)

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