Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wanker of the week;

David Miliband. Simple really. His quote of the day -

The foreign secretary said there must be "humility" and a recognition that "while there are military victories there never is a military solution".

Of course. The defeat of Napoleon was by negotiation between Wellington and Napoleon, and Hitler and the Nazis were defeated by a resolution passed by The League of Nations.

Another Miliband sound bite is the disgusting comment on calls for a referendum on the EU super-state,
calling them "institutional navel-gazing".
Yes, wanting to retain sovriegn power over our country is something we shouldn't want, it should be left to EU Commissioners to decide our fate. Which they fucking well almost do. But not fully, not yet.

Miliband could be wanker of the decade, or even the Century !
Miliband, the same fellow that wants to bring back assorted nut-jobs from Guantanamo Bay as they once had a second cousin, twice removed, that stopped in Britain for a few days. He is really an ideal choice for our Foriegn Minister, the hate-filled, swivel-eyed swine.


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