Thursday, June 15, 2006

Didn't train last night, just had no interest after arriving home after a fun day batting between various Dutchmen. And a trip to Spain is likely.
Spoke to H on Monday evening, a nice chat.
This evening is a nother '10, but I don't think I'll ride. More training is needed.

Looks like the Met police raided the wrong men in the wrong house last week. What a farce, the people that are supposed to be our trusted guardians can't even get the right people. Thats if there ever was a chemical bomb. My pet theory is that some fantacist told the police a story, which they then believed. But where did they get the details of the 2 men they arrested ?
They don't sound like jihadists, even though they look scary with shaven heads and bushy beards.

vykkwyip 8 letters.


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