Thursday, June 20, 2002

Thursday morning in Horwich to RECIEVE some training for a change. That should be fun. Especially as I've arranged it myself. Hmm. We'll see soon if someone turns up. Well, on Tuesday evening I went and rode a 10 mile time triall, in spite of the fact that I hate racing on dual carriageways with motorway junctions, slip roads, big multi-lane islands. I rode hard, not 100%, and did'nt push as hard as I could. I took it easy on the slip road over the carriageway at the turn as there were a few cars about. I caught my minute man after 6 miles. No-one caught me which I thought was a good sign as a couple of fast looking men started behind me. I did a time of 24.30. I considered this as slow, but looking at all the other times I was in the top 10. Out of the 7 riders in my club I was 2nd. The winner did 22.40, almost 2 mins faster than me. The fastest in our club did 23.35. I could probably gone 30 secs. faster. Now I rode this on my road bike with no tri-bars. I beat lots of people on low-profile time-trial bikes, some wearing go-faster helmets, with shoe covers and so on. Twats. I think one other guy rode a standard road bike. There was a crash by the finish where an idiot rode into a kerb, probably was'nt looking where he was going as some of these time trialling wankers ride with their heads down to go faster. He looked bad, bleeding from a head wound. Word is he broke his shoulder (I did that once, nasty) and needs plastic surgery on his ear (Ugly ears ?). Also he has a history of crashing and causing crashes on the track. I did a 23 mile steady ride earlier in the day.
On Wednesday I loafed about and sanded down patio table & chairs, varnished table & 2 chairs. After that my shoulders ached ! Lied down for 1 hour, had a quick bite to eat and drove over to Wood End and rode on the club bash.
Could'nt get off to sleep last night, probably because of the effort and my heart was still going hard. Got off pretty quick on Tue after the race though. Feel good now, my legs have that 'pinging' feel of good strength. I really need to ride o race now, with hills in too see exactly how good I am. Next race is 3 weeks off !
The club have put me in the team to ride the 2-day, they seem quite impressed at my recent performance.


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