Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy Birthdays -
2001 - Yes, I think so, took the day off and went for a ride.
2002 - No, started well, but had a crisis meeting about document server, then had a text promising to see me later, bought some Cave & a wine cooler. The wine cooler ripped, Cava was warm, then she didn't turn up & I couldn't get in touch.
2003 - Yes, was in Leamington and bought some Rudy Projects.
2004 - No. Gorton, enough said.
2005 - Fuck kwows, looked bad on 20th when hotel took message saying specs would be late, but ascertained that was wrong, they are ready but not the exact colour. So, with the addition of some black pepper crisps and a decent bottle of wine, should be, well, we'll see.
Well, Kyria called the Opticians, my glasses are ready, the message they left was if you want another coloured lens, you will have to wait, so, at the moment with no possibility of a Hazel fucking me up in any way, its looking OKish......


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