Monday, December 15, 2003

Go a new mobile on Friday, as my trusty Nokia is now 3 years old, (Delivered to me in Dartford, 1st week in December 2000 I think) it has had problems, loose battery, battery runs low quickly, sliding cover loose. So I went to HR and she had a neat Motorola v66 fold-up. Could do with a hands free and car kit though. Can't seem to find tones to get for it either.
Anyway, Friday I was pissed off at not being able to get out 1st thing Sat morn, so I bought some wine & crisps. And eat
them. Saturday tidied and sorted out the decorations, put up the lights outside. Rained quite a lot but was very mild (14 C).
Sunday, up early and off to Becketts for nine. Then off over to Long Marston, Micleton and over the edge of the cotswolds. Just before Mickleton I waited for Dave who was lagging behind, I was going back early with him & others. But I thoght to
hell with this, I'll join the rest. Who just disappeared round a corner. So I started after them, got round the corner. They were a good way off, up a hill, went hard and jumped up to them. Went past a few and eased off, I don't want to give it
all this time of year. So when Beans and Niel went hard, I left 'em to it. Dropped the Winter Racer though ! A nice ride along the lanes to Ilmington, then narrower lanes to the main road, Loxley and Wellesbourne 'drome cafe. Mug of tea and a rather measly slice of chocolate cake and onwards. Hampton Lucy, lanes by Hatton Station, Lowsonford, Lakes, home. 72 miles.
Legs tired.


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