Monday, October 06, 2008

Barcelona, I have to go there next week. I wish I could go by train or drive as this means a trip to an airport, where I will no doubt have to wait half an hour for tickets, half an hour to go through security and trudge up interminable corridors to get on the plane where I will be levered into a narrow seat with no leg room.
Oh joy.
Just ate a XL bacon double cheesburger. Yum yum, my poor liver.
For 2 weekends running I managed to do 20+ miles on Saturday and 8 to 10 miles on Sunday, with a Wednesday 9 miles the week before last. However Saturday was cold and damp, and we also went down to Llanwrist to buy the boy a bed from Ikea. That was fun, even at 17.00 Ikea was crowded and fitting a 6 1/2 foot long mattress into the car was a squeeze, had just about enough room to change gears.
That reminds me, when the clutch went on the last car in 2007, we went to Ikea one evening and bought a wardrobe, that just fitted in with not much room to change gears and I over-revved and messed a few changes up, that was not long after first had the car, so maybe thats what knackered the clutch.
Sunday was cold, wet and miserable.


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