Friday, May 02, 2008

Blimey, it was a pisser mowing the lawns last Saturday. I went for a spin on mtb out to Hopwood, along the old road over the motorway slip road, the next bit was gravel and impossible to ride so I went along the side, Alvechurch and Watery Lane. Managed to ride up Wast Hill but wanted to be sick at the top. Weather not too bad, a little on the cool side.
The grass was sooo long, adjusted the mower to skim the top. It took a couple of hours to do front and back. Did some general tidying up, teak-oiled the patio furniture and actually sat outside on Saturday evening.
Did a spin to Rednal, along the resr. track Hopwood and main road home. did a bit in the garden, watched Liege Bastogne Liege, bought beer, drank it while putting XTR combo gear/brake levers on. Was planning on sitting outside drinking beer, but rain stopped all thoughts of that.
This week had ideas of an evenig ride, but rained. Except yesterday, had a little spin around to try out the gears, they work brilliantly. Well done Mr. Shimano, your XTR gears are the best thing ever.
Here are Shimano rear gears from 1975 and 1996:

The left hand XT rear derailleuer worked well from when i fitted it in 1996 to last year when I replaced it with the quite poor top XT. But now I have a shadow XTR, lots of lovely carbon fibre.
I raced on the Crane in 1976, and it was on my traing bike for a while after that, I even think I raced on it a couple of times in 1977. Found it in a box of bits in the garage last year.
Off to Schiphol for 2 days next week, then on the ferry with the car for the whole of the following week.


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