Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today is Thursday. Here I am in sunny Basildon.
Last week in sunny Merry Hill, where I went to a parent's evening and had glowing reports from The Boy's tutors. Lets just hope he keeps at it and achieves his A grades. Looking at Imperial College, London and Birmingham as his favourites for Chemical Engineering.
Better than my outlook when I was 17. In the Autumn prior to taking my As I had the fun of buying a motorbike, and misery with girlfriends and my so called friend Dennis. Ho hum.
Last week I also did 3 sessions on the turbo and 20 miles cold damp plod around the usual places. But with mudguards I bought from Decathalon that really worked !

Sunday shooting, Monday off to Schipol, plenty of booze in the evening. Tuesday a communications course. Back home and off early to Basildon yesterday. Felt really tired yesterday so an early night. Had the happy news that I'm working in Holland from next Wednesday onwards ! Tunnel out, stay next weekend (not told Mrs yet) when I'll make a visit to Chouffe in Belgium for Chouffe Beer ! Hurray !
Then back, probably on a ferry from hook of Holland to Harwich, because it means only an 80 mile drive from Enkhuizen. On Wednesday I have to go from Calais to there, 260 miles, ho hum.
Plus I'm at Dartford Monday and Tuesday which means i just have the hour drive from Dartford to the tunnel terminal on Wednesday morning. Ho hum.


Blogger Blognor Regis said...

Are they still making the Rolls saddle or is that one you've hoarded?

I rode a few of them some 10+ years back. Marvelous they were/ Then I used the San Marco Squadra and now I'm using the Flight Gel on both my road bikes. Tried Fiziks but found the noses were too wide for me.

Isn't Merry Hill a shopping centre?

9:58 PM  
Blogger Malcolm said...

Its a saddle I bought in 2001. The San Marco Rolls are still available, try Parker Mail Order.
Merry Hill is indeed a shopping centre, and, get this, offices ! What a concept ! Surround a shopping centre with offices, then build apartments on the spare bits of land in between the offices and the shopping mall, then go ahead with building hotels and casinos in the remaining spare bits of land ! Genius ! As an afterthought, 20 years after the original planning and building think that maybe the infrastructure is insuffcient; a shopping mall with spaces for 10,000 cars, offices where 7000 people work, then build apartments for 2000 people and all based in the heart of a decayed industrial suburb with no decent roads. Hmm.

12:51 AM  

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