Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forgot the tooth saga when I last posted.
Woke up one morning after too much wine in the hotel room in Portsmouth with a dull ache in my jaw. Ignored it, it went away. That evening it returned, the next day (Wednesday) was worse, had some pain killers. Woke up Thursday, real pain. Driving back up the A34 was a right horror, teeth really hurt. No sleep Thursday. Friday took the boy to college, went into the office J.B. looked and daid my mouth was really swollen, i felt awful so phoned dental hospital. If I got there before noon i would be seen that day so off home, Jayne called here dentist but couldn't get seen until next week. So she gave me a lift into town. Couldn't speak properly my gums were so swollen. Anyhoo, got seen, dentist sent me for an x-ray. Had that done, then back into waiting room, dentist looked, said tooth has bad abcess and could do nothing as area was too swollen. So prescribed me some penecillin and powerful pain killers, back next Tuesday. Travel home on the train was a pain even though I took some ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is made by getting some toluene, mixing it with prussic acid and boiling it at 60 atmoshperes. What fun (I found that out on a visit to Imperial college, where the boy won't be going)

Back to the narrative of toothtacular fun: weekend of less pain as knockout painkillers and penecillin kicked in. Tuseday, dentist that checked me out said wisdom and broken tooth with abcess both have to come out. Off to ward for extraction, less than fun but almost painless. Big wisdom tooth easy, broken next door tooth not so. All gone now.

Baldy bloke not able to claim baldy head as a disability. Tee hee !


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