Monday, July 14, 2008

The first thing I noticed was the hire car has wind-up windows. How cute ! There is a little handle on the door, turn it around and window opens or closes ! What a clever idea. The doors all have a little knob, to lock the door the knob must be pushed down. No worries about pushing a switch on the key ring, just push down a knob on the passenger door and the two back doors, lock the driver door and lock the boot.
The next thing Ii noticed was torrential rain and a thunderstorm. I also noticed Tescos, many in Budapest, one in this town, and when I went for a drive around this evening, one in little towns up the road. Supermarkets ! And they seem to open late ! How cool is that, Holland and Switzerland could take a leaf out of hungary's book; have more supermarkets that open late, not close at 6 on the dot. Idiots.

Spent much of my own bloody time over the weekend trying to make these damn documents work.


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