Friday, April 08, 2005

And for the first time since the week in Rochdale I feel at ease, and a lot less stressed. Every couple of days I would find something that worried me about Hazel; the nice picture she emailed me, coming off msn when i was talking, not answering her 'mob. Paranoia really, plus I have been just so stressed. Well yesterday the same thing, talking on msn and she went offline, so I left a comment about worrying about what she thinks of me. Daft. But I got a text. Then in the evening I had some wine while I watched Flashmob, the opera, from Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield of all places ! Then she sent me a couple of emails with rude pics on, and I emailed a comment back about one of them could keep me in wanks for days, so she texed me, and sent me a really nice email about her feelings.
So I feel relaxed and more at ease, except that tomorrow I have to take Joanne to Ikea.
Tonight I'll probably finish off the wine, 1 1/2 bottles left.


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