Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday. Back in office and down to earth with a bump.
The last time I posted here, I left the office, drove to Oldham, booked into the hotel then collected Hazel. Spent the week working at the crappy company in Rochdale, in a nice office with views of the hills. A nice drive to the hotel and Hazel, then a meal at the pub next to the hotel on Tuesday, McDonalds Wednesday, Chinese at the Trafford Centre on Thursday. All far too enjoyable. Took Hazel back on Friday lunchtime. Drove home Friday evening via a drive round Mytholmroyd and shopping at Asda in Horwich. I should have gone to see Hazel on the way past.
Terriffic toothache on Saturday night.
Back in Rochdale on Monday, stayed the night, then easy drive back to office on Tusday.
Wednesday and Thursday in Leamington, which went OK.
Friday the start of Easter holidays. And did very little. Did gardening on Saturday, then rest of week cold and wet. Thursday went to a farmers market, Thursday night/Friday morning a long unpleasant msn talk, when she finally said 'lets just be friends' see if you can make your marriage work'. I lost it. Removed her from my msn list. She then tried calling me, i put my fones on a divert to a non-existant number so she got number unobtainable which i think freaked her out, i got texts saying what number can I ring you on, so I turned my mob. back on and we made up, a bit.
Friday went for a long walk in sutton Park with David. Saturday, erm, sunday, erm, err.
Had a couple of texts asking why I'm not getting in touch. Send a text Saturday night.
Spoke from a call box on sunday.
Then back to work today, urghh.


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