Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A chap that shoots vermin has had his .22 pistol taken off him, even though he has a firearms licence, its a prohibited weopon, so he has to use a shotgun. That will make a fine mess of a rat, or any small vermin from a fox down to a mouse that he has to kill. How long before shotguns are prohibited ?
Alreadys moves are underway to ban knives, a knife with a blade of longer than 3" is illegal. How does that work ? What do chefs do ? Is a pair of garden shears illegal because they have 12" blades ? My crappy Spanish Bowie knife certainly is illegal.
That poor chap could always go in a bub on the Vill Road and buy himself a decent pistol, or an Uzi sub-machine gun for that matter.
Maybe the descent of Europe into a muslim led revolution against our values will be a chance to get myself a decent arsenal to fight off the arab-loving arseholes.


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